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Lets be honest, your favourite transmitter is the nearest thing to male jewellery youll ever own. Its intricate, delicate, expensive, shiny, and it operates with the precision and reliability of a Swiss watch. Yet, just look at how you treat it! At home you leave it kicking around collecting dust, it bounces around in your flight-box on the way to the patch, you lay it in the wet grass when youre starting your model, and you rarely consider its feelings. Not good is it? Perhaps its about time you protected your investment, bought one (or more) of these genuinely tidy cases and forever removed the potential to damage that precious Tx and ruin a good days flying? Truly, its a small price to pay.


Length (internal): 330mm
Width (internal): 220mm
Height (internal): 95mm

Key Features

  • Stout carry handle and removeable shoulder strap.
  • High quality aluminium front, back and sides.
  • Removeable pre-cut foam inserts.
  • Twin clip-locks.

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