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The Ranger EX by Volantex is an FPV specific RC airplane with a huge

1980mm wingspan. This Plug ‘n Play version comes preloaded with all the gear

you need to get in the air including servos, ESC, powerful motor and prop. The

Ranger EX comes fully packed with tons of features like custom PVC fuselage,

landing gear, durable EPO foam wings, tons of camera mounting options, and

a huge cargo bay for holding batteries, electronics and more!

The whole unibody fuselage is produced using one-step moulding technology,

which make it more durable and stronger than other EPO foamy insert carbon

tubes. The fuselage and wings detach quickly and easily allowing for easy

transportation and storage. It's also easy to attach on field for ready

for flight. The ability to carry more payload means one can mount higher mAh

batteries to get ultra long flight times needed for those long range FPV flights.

The Ranger EX is specially designed and optimized for long range FPV with

lots of space for mounting systems and multiple camera mounting options.

Easy mounting of various camera and GoPro is under the nose. Now you can

take ultimate stable flight videos of your long range flights. 

The awesome and powerful flight performance with long flight endurance

makes this the ideal FPV plane for those looking to take up the hobby.

Volantex Ranger EX Features:

  • Large durable crash resistant PVC fuselage.
  • Plenty of space allows for easy installation of electronics and filming equipment.
  • The ability to carry more payload means you can mount higher capicty/larger batteries for longer flight times, ideal for long range FPV.
  • Tall landing gear and a steerable tail wheel provides simple ground take off.
  • Easy mounting of various brushless gimbals for GoPro 3 under the nose, now you can take incredibly stable flight videos.
  • Super easy setup and a glue free assembly.
  • 2 piece design; Fuselage and Wings detach quick and easy for transportation and storage, and quick attachment on the field for flight.
  • Awesome flight performance with the efficient high wing design and giant payload capacity.

Spec Check:

  • Wingspan: 1980mm (77.9 in)
  • Overall Length: 1170mm (46 in)
  • Flying Weight(without battery): 1500g
  • Motor Size: 3715 outrunner brushless motor
  • Speed Control : Easy-Plug 40A
  • Servo: 9-gram Servo x 6pcs
  • Recommended Battery: 11.1V/14.8V 3300mAh
  • Experience Level: Beginners ~ Expert
  • Recommended Environment: Outdoor
  • Assembly Time: Less than 20min

Please Note: Camera not included.

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