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This stunning new plane from the Max-Thrust hanger takes all we''ve learned and all you have loved from the original Riot and super sized it!

Supplied as a Plug and Play model, you just need to add your favourite brand or receiver and battery (we recommend the Power-Tech 14.8v 2650mAh) and you have a very versatile aircraft that will quickly become your favourite goto plane.

We wanted to give something a little extra, so have also included an electronic glider release system in the top of the fuselage, you''ll quickly become a favourite at the field towing everyone''s gliders to height and with the fitted flap system you can get back down quickly ready for the next customer. The flaps also improve the slow speed handling of the model, your approaches will be super controlled and you''ll be able to perform perfect touchdowns to delight the growing crowd of spectators.

The Riot XL is very stable thanks to its large 1600mm wingspan and will handle the wind with ease. With plenty of power to spare you won''t be in two minds whether to take this beauty out on a typical flying day. This really is the model for all conditions and abilities.

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