MULTIPLEX Kit BK TwinStar BL 214279

MULTIPLEX Kit BK TwinStar BL 214279

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Based loosely on a Caribbean island hopping multi engine passenger aircraft the TwinStar-BL brings a ray of sunshine to your flying field along with a performance thats been proven since the dawn of foam. Boasting a brushless power option, extremely docile, beginner-friendly flying characteristics and an aerobatic capability that nurtures advancement this is a model that everyone can enjoy. Whats more, with a perfectly proportioned airframe layout that offers beautifully smooth well balanced flying the TwinStar BL makes an outstanding camera platform and, by virtue, a fine FPV ship. And if birds eye views dont float your boat, turning this peach of a model into a seaplane certainly will. Just look at that thing on water. How can you resist? Just add the optional float set (# 73 3061) and the TwinStars island hopping credentials are complete. Manufactured in Germany from premium quality Elapor foam the kit comes highly pre-fabricated offering a build time of just four hours and a satisfying fast-track route into the air. Fact: Everyone needs a TwinStar BL.
Key Features

· Classic, commercial twin engine aircraft looks.

· Highly prefabricated kit.

· Short four hour build time.

· Extensive, quality decal sheet.

· Suitable for FPV flying.

· Two-piece wing for ease of transport.

· Float option (25733061) adds to the versatility and fun.


Wingspan (mm): 1420

Length (mm): 1085

Total surface area (sq. dm): 43

Weight (g): 1350


What's in the Box

· 1x Comprehensive instruction manual

· 1x Decal sheet

· 1x Fuselage shell set

· 1x Canopy moulding

· 1x Wing panel set

· 1x Spar cover set

· 1x Tailplane unit

· 1x Fin moulding

· 1x Hardware pack

· 1x Wire and rod set

1x Motor mount set
Needed to Complete

· 1 x 4-channel (minimum) transmitter and receiver combo

· 2 x  Micro Servos (16g)

· 2 x  Sub Micro Servos (9g)

· 2 x 100w Brushless motors & ESC

· 1 x 3S 3200mAh Li-Po battery

     1 x Charger to suit flight battery


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