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An absolute MUST for safe, satisfying flights.

Why take chances?...

An improperly balanced model-at best-won''t be able to fulfill its true performance potential. At worst, it could crash and be destroyed. Why take the risk? Great Planes'' inexpensive, easy-to-use CG Machine is the only tool that finds the exact balance without guesswork...and it can be used with virtually ANY fixed-wing aircraft.

Good balance makes trainers more stable, low wing aerobats more agile, and pylon planes faster than ever. With the easy to use C.G. Machine Aircraft Balancer, it''s simpler to achieve optimum balance without measuring/marking and without the built in errors that fingertip balancing can create. Slanted wire balancing posts can support models up to 18Kg/40lbs. Make sure your models are perfectly balanced.
  • Simplifies the essential final steps of any plane''s assembly: locating its recommended center of gravity and correcting the balance.
  • CG Machine''s accuracy improves a trainer''s stability and predictability...sharpens a sport model''s aerobatics...and boosts a racing model''s speed.
  • Works with all types of fixed-wing aircraft up to 40 pounds-kits, ARFs, high-wings, low-wings, with or without struts, regardless of size or wingspan.
  • Wide, injection-molded base improves stability and can be slid apart or together to accommodate all fuselage widths.
  • "Hands-off" operation eliminates fingertip balancing''s huge potential for error. No additional tools or supplies needed!
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