Product no.: KICF020

WOT 4 Foam-E Mk2+ ARTF,1205MM 47.4"

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Product no.: BALOG3220T
Length (mm) 101
Width (mm) 35
Depth (mm) 23
Weight (g) 151
Chemistry LiPo
Discharge Rate 25C Constant
Battery Capacity 2200
Voltage 11.1
Cell Number 3
Voltage 11.1v (3S)

Our Sport range is tried and tested, and recognised as offering consistent power and durability, being used by enthusiasts new and old to the hobby yielding exceptional results. It’s no wonder why our batteries are the choice of champions and record breakers.


Overlander is proud to work in conjunction with the renowned Fullymax to produce our LiPo cells. The production process for these cells is fully automatic and completed in a dust free atmosphere using uniformity and conformity. As a result, with Overlander you’re guaranteed to receive the high-quality, top-performing batteries that you expect.

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Product no.: RAR12006
This receiver is for the FHSS system. it wil not work with a FASST transmitter or module.
The 6 channel R2006GS full range receiver is both small and light, and uses Futaba’s advanced FHSS transmission system for superior interference rejection. It can be used together with a wide range of Futaba transmitters, including 2PL, 3PL, 4PL, 4YFG, 6JG, 6K,8J, 10J, 14SG, 18SZ and 18MZ, and can operate as both FHSS and S-FHSS.  

Weight: 7.8g
Channels: 6
Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 9mm

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